Mohamed Mohamed


PhD in Information Systems - Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University.
Master of Information Systems - Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University.
Bachelor of Software Engineering - Faculty of Informatics Engineering - Tishreen University.

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

BIMM.PR - Master project
BIS.SE - Software Engineering
BIMM.PMP - Project Management Professional (in English)
BAIT.ISE301 - Software Engineering
BIT.ITA330 - Business Process Modeling
MBA.PRJ.40 - Project
MBA.PRM.34 - Project Management
ITE.BSE601 - Software Engineering I
MBA.PRM.34 - Project Management

Academic experience: 

Lecturer at the Syrian Virtual University (Software Engineering - Business Process Modeling, Web science master: Thesis Supervisor).
Director of Digital Transformation - Ministry of Communications and Technology - Damascus
Project manager, business analyst and software developer in many companies in Syria, Egypt and Oman.
Lecturer in the Faculty of ICT Engineering - University of Tartous (Bachelor: Software Engineering 1-2, Project Management, Distributed Systems, Reliability Engineering, Graduation Projects;;Master: Decision Support Systems and Associate Supervisor of Master Theses).
Certified Trainer for Project Management and Oracle Databases, Syrian Computer Society, Syrian Engineers Association and many training centers.
Lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Science - October University for Modern Sciences and Arts MSA - Arab Republic of Egypt, (database management systems, computer skills).


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Mohamed M. A., Galal-Edeen, G. H. and Hassan, H. A, “Towards Adoption of Government Enterprise Architecture: The Cases of Egypt and Syria”, the 13th European Conference on e-Government – ECEG 2013, Como, Italy, 2013.
Mohamed M. A., Galal-Edeen, G. H., Hassan, H. A. and Hasanien E.E, “An Evaluation of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks for E-Government”, 7th IEEE International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems – Cairo, 2012.
Mohamed M. A. and Mazen S. A, “Security Aspects of Cloud Computing in E-government”, Working Paper, 2011.
Mohamed M. A., Nour El-dien M. A. and Mazen S. A., “Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure for E-government Services”, International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Information Sciences, Volume 10, 2010.