Imad Fattash


Ph. D in Applied Mathematics

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

ITE.BMA402 - Mathematical Analysis II
ISE.MA2 - Mathematical Analysis 2

Academic experience: 

The permanent Institution: Tel. No.+963115448124 1-Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering(FMEE):since 1991
Other Professional Experience: 2-Sana'a Uni. (Yemen) 1997-2000
3-AlQassim Uni. (KSA) 2003-2006
4-IUST Uni. (Syria) (2007-2010) [lecturer]
5-Homs Uni.(Albaath) (2007-2010) [lecturer]
6-Faculty of Informatic Engineering -(Damascus Uni) (2001-2002) [lecturer]
7-Palestine Institute(IT)(2000-2003) [lecturer]
8-Faculty of Science (Al Qunaitra-Damascus Uni.) (Since 2011) [lecturer]
9-The Syrian International Private Uni.(SPU) (Since 2011) [lecturer]
10-Syrian Vertual University (svuonline.org ) (Since 2007) [lecturer]
11-The Syrian sientefic Olympiad (Since 2010)-Member of Central Committee .


Books(Damascus Uni.) Mathematical analysis(1)
Discrete mathematics
Mathematics for computer (2)
Numerical analysis
Scientific Publications: Imad Fattash ,M.N. Shama//Employing the linear transformation and the algebraic complement in numerical systems// Pushba Publishing House , 2013, Volume 10,
I.Fattash and others//About synthesis of change structure systems,(Mathematical Models: Spb.Un.,2003,N.3,p.3-23).
I.Fattash and others //Mathematical Modeling of Reacting Gas, Col. book: Ijevsk Un., 2010,N(4),P.177-181
I.Fatash and others//Steganography in 3D Models of Photos, Col. Book :Damascus Un.,2011,N(1),P.151-164
I. Fattash, Yu. Sushkov//Synthesis of multi-regime systems of twopoles ,Col. Book : Spb. Un. ,N(26).
I. Fattash, Yu. Sushkov//About one class of functional systems,Col. book:Spb. Un.,N(27).
I.Fattash,A.Mazkur //Mathematical modoles of multi_regime systems.Col.book:Spb.Uni., N(28).
I.Fattash//New algorithm to solve one of the optimization problems. Col.book:35th science week ,part2, Damascus,1995.
I.Fattash,Yu. Sushkov// Multi_regime systems of twopoles.(Ussr Conference:methods and programs to solve optimization problems using graphs and networks,Novosipersk,1989,p.184-186).
I. Fattash //Cambinatorial Synthesis of mechanizms with changed structure. ICSTM,Samarkand,1997.
I. Fattash// About synthesis systems under discrete control. second I.C.(modelling procceses) . Spb. Un.,1996 .
I. Fattash// About random number generator.1st IMC , Damascus Un.,4-5-11-2010.
I. Fattash,Mhd. F. Ganama// Finite Elements Method in Engineering ,(Workshop,Damascus Un.,Fmee,3-4 Nov.2011 )
I.Fattash and others //One way of organization the branching random search, ,(Mathematical Models: Spb.Un.,2003,N.3,p.24-32).