Homam Khwanda


PhD in Business Administration, 2011-2016. Faculty of Economics, University of Damascus, Syria. (Dec 2011- Jan 2016) THESIS: “The Effect of Developing Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Learning on Institutional Effectiveness: Comparable Study between The Ministry Of Higher Education and Planning & International Cooperation Commission”.
M.A. in Business Administration, 2007-2010. Faculty of Economics, University of Damascus, Syria. (Sep 207 – Aug 2010) DISSERTATION: “The Role of Developing Emotional Intelligence on Career Development: Comparative Study between Public & Private banking Sectors”
B.A. in Economics at Business Administration, 2002-2006. Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria. (Sep 2002 – Jan 2006)

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

MiQ.QPR73 - Master Project
BSCM.BHR606 - Managerial Leadership
BSCM.BHR6011 - Diversity Management
TIBA.BHR502 - Organizational Behavior
TIBA.BHR606 - Managerial Leadership
TIBA.BHR604 - Human resource training
BSCM.BHR502 - Organizational Behavior
TITH.GBS401 - Communication Skills
MBA.PRJ.40 - Project

Academic experience: 

Tutor, Tourism Faculty at Damascus University (Jul 2019 –Present): Tutor for Management, Organization and HRM in tourism facilities for the academic course in tourism. Tutor for Project Management for MBA course in tourism.
Tutor, Business Faculty, Al Kalamoon University: (Sep 2018 – Present): Teaching Subjects relating to: Organizational Behavior, Leadership Skills, Principals of Management, Communicating Skills, Psychology and Research Methods. Supervisor for students' projects related to business administration.
Head of Human Resource Management department, Higher Institute for Administrative Development, Damascus University: (Sep 2018-Present): Regulating & Organizing department sessions. Developing courses and subject related to the department. Cooperating with the department staff to set and achieve the goals. Supervising seminars for academic students. Supervising and assessing projects for MBA students,
Tutor, Higher Institute for Administrative Development, Damascus University: (June 2018-Present): Developing courses for post-graduate studies relating to Business Administration. Supervisor for M.A students in postgraduate studies. Teaching Subjects relating to: Organizational Behavior, Research Methodology and Project Management.
Economic Consultant, Economic & Legal Consultancy House ELCH: (Oct 2016- Oct 2017) Evaluating pre-State Policies considering economic and Foreign Trade Issues. Developing Economic Models related to Syrian case. Promoting projects for NGO's and their business parnters in Syria. Following up doing business issues considering sanctions and enhancing capabilities.
Information & Trade Relation Director, Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade: (April 2016 – Sep 2016) Developing & Organizing Import and Export Data Base and estimating Macro / Micro economic indicators. Enhancing Efficiency of policy making using economic data base. Assessing credibility of importing & Exporting procedures considering Automating Foreign Trade File. Facilitator in doing business procedures and allocating available resources.
Ministry of Economy & Foreign Trade, Syrian Government Minister’s Executive Assistant: (Aug 2014 - present) Supervisor the daily Imports requests tables. Summing up indicators and charts of main Imports/Exports and currency Exchange rate Following up specific files related to ministry’s companies and agencies. Helping main importers in organizing the importing schedules in a more comprehensive matter.
Planning & International Cooperation Commission, Follow up office: (Mar 2014- Aug 2014) Preparing “Investment Project Description Profile”. Contributing in preparing the Files for the Syrian-Russian inter-Governmental Committee’s Meeting. Building up the proposed investment budget of selective governmental companies and agencies.
Planning & International Cooperation Commission. Head of Section at Growth and Modeling Office: (Sep 2010 – Mar 2013) Preparing macro-economic Scenarios of the State Five Years Plane. Building and modifying the social Accounting Matrix of the Syrian Economy and developing the Syrian CGE model. Building and modifying the Macro-economic model of the Syrian economy and its data base.
Planning & International Cooperation Commission, Syrian Government, Deputy Head of section, Macro-economic Office: (Nov 2008 – Sep 2010) Developing quarterly reports about Syrian macro-economic. Contributing in social & economic studying relating the Syrian case. Updating data bases and indicators related to economic issues. Summering up international reports such as world competitiveness report and economic outlook reports.
Lecturer at the Higher Institute for Administrative Development, University of Damascus, Syria: (Jan 2016 – present). Tutor of “Managerial Leadership” Leadership by case. Tutor of “Small & Medium Enterprises SME's” building up a pioneer project.
Lecturer at the Business Administration & Marketing Institute, University of Damascus, Syria: (Sep 2007 – Aug 2008). Tutor of “The Principles of Management” applied on Private &Public Organization. Tutor of “Marketing – Market Segments”. Tutor of “Computer Science” applied on Financial Analysis. Tutor of “Human Resource Management” applied on Public Entities.
Lecturer at the Business Administration Institute (BAI-P), Educational City of Palestine, Damascus, Syria: (Sep 2007 – present). Tutor of “The Foreign Trade” Theory & its application. Tutor of “Small & Medium Enterprises SME's”. Tutor of “Modern Public Administration” principles and Guide lines. Tutor of “The Human Resource Management” Theory and Practice.


Khwanda, H. (2013), “The effect of emotional Intelligence Development on Developing Organizational Competencies: Empirical Study on the Private Sector Employee in Syria”, Journal of Egyptian Business Administration, Commerce Faculty, Cairo University, Egypt, n. 3, 2013.
Khwanda, H. (2013), “Measuring Institutional Effectiveness: Planning & International Cooperation Commission Case Study”, Journal of Economic & Law Studies, Damascus University, Syria.
Khwanda, H. (2013), “The role of organizational learning in spreading organizational justice: Empirical study on the private banking sector at Damascus city”, Journal of Economic & Law Studies, Damascus University, Syria
Khwanda, H. (2010), “The Role of Career Development on Transformational Leadership: Field Study on the Banking Sector”, Journal of Economic & Law Studies, Damascus University, Syria.
Khwanda, H. Et al, (2009), The Impact of the World Economic Downturn on Syrian Economy, Inequality and Poverty, a report funded through a contribution from the Government of Norway As a part of a series of crisis response PSIA initiatives aimed at generating policy responses to protect human development gains and to stimulate a broader policy dialogue and Conducted with The Poverty Group at UNDP manages the PSIA initiative and a Syrian national Team.