Falak Sbeira


Master in Media & Communication

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

BMC.JOA529 - Reportage, Interviews and Opinion Articles
BMC.EOM874 - Editing Opinion Articles
BMC.ATVW787 - Advanced Level of TV writing
BMC.G797 - Graduating Project_EM
BMC.NWE527-2 - News Writing and Editing II
BMC.ETP757 - Online Press Editing
BMC.G799 - Graduation Project_JO
BMC.IME121 - An Introduction to Media Editing
BMC.LEMC131 - Legislation and Ethics of Media and Communication
BMC.NPRT534 - News Programs in Radio and TV
BMC.LS649 - Liberation Survey

Academic experience: 

Teaching News Editing and Editing Opinion Subjects in Media Faculty - Damascus University since 2013.


Study in Damascus University Journal, the title: The Role of Typographical Elements in Consolidation News Value in Al-Watan Syrian Newspaper.
Study in Tishreen University Journal, the title: Influential Factors selection News by Gatekeepers in Tishreen and Al Watan Newspapers