Ahmad touzan


PHD in law

Programs list: 


Courses list: 

BL.CRP605 - Criminal Procedure 1
BL.CRI401 - Private Criminal Law2
BL.CRI202 - Public Criminal Law 2
BL.INL102 - Public International Law
MIHL.LAC - Law of Armed Conflict
MIHL.MGP - Graduate Project

Academic experience: 

Member of the teaching staff at the Syrian Private University
Faculty member at the University of Bilad Al-Sham Branch of Sheikh Ahmed Kftaro
Tutor in the program of rights at the Syrian Virtual University


Research on the criminal responsibility of heads of State and their leaders under international law
A research entitled the right of self-determination between achieving independence and separation.
Research entitled the phenomenon of Syrian asylum between needs and policies.
Research entitled Federalism in Syria threats and opportunities.
Research entitled US coalition operations in Syria crimes above the roof of international law
Article on the law of unfair competition and antitrust.
Article on the air insurance contract.
Article on Civil Aviation Law