English Language Learning - ELL

A cooperation agreement has been signed between Lifelong Learning Center of the Syrian Virtual University (SVU) and Global Learning International (GLI). It aims to set a framework for cooperation and joint work in the field of education and launching a project of the English language program within a group of programs of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), in addition to providing many of the British qualifications offered by Online Business School (OBS).

Global Learning International is a company specialized in the field of educational technology and working to provide many educational qualifications (multi-specialization  university diploma, undergraduate and master’s programs). It represents the OBS and its Partners, an accredited institution in the United Kingdom / Britain / to offer university level qualifications in various countries of the Middle East.

In the English Language Learning Program (ELL) it is a self-learning process, as the OBS will enable through-SVU-registered students to access the English language curriculum via its website so that the trainee can have access to the lessons and exercises. The SVU will also provide supervisors for students to communicate with them and answer lessons-related questions and inquiries through the synchronized-lecture system to ensure a minimum of follow-up during the course.

The ELL Program aims to strengthen the four English language skills (conversation, reading, writing and listening), while covering several topics related to the environment, technology, education, family and society, health and many other various fields. In addition to providing advice of interest to students wishing to take the international language test :IELTS.and also touches upon spelling, grammar and punctuation.

English Language Learning (ELL) course is most suited to learners who are able to hold a basic conversation in English.

Academic description of the English Language Learning Program (ELL)

The course is made up of 10 modules. Each module consists of 10 guided learning hours of material with an additional 5 hours worth of optional material comprised of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises. These modules are:

  1. Crime and Punishment
  2. The environment
  3. Technology
  4. Science and education
  5. The IELTS exam
  6. Home, Family and Daily Life
  7. Politics and Socio-cultural issues
  8. Work and Professions
  9. Health and Fitness
  10. Citizenship and Politics

Each of the first 9 modules will be made of a Listening and Speaking section and a Reading and Writing section, and will help you to develop all aspects of your communications skills. The IELTS exam module will help provide some helpful tips and guidance for learners planning to attempt the IELTS exam.

The ELL Program includes three basic levels (Novice - Intermediate - Advanced), and enrolment in one of them will be upon doing a placement test set by the OBS. It takes approximately three months to finish a level, at the end of which a test is taken. Based on the test result, the student gets a Certificate of passing a training course by the OBS and by the SVU / Lifelong Learning Center.

The program is a self-learning one, provided by synchronies sessions with tutors from SVU and one session each week with a supervisor from OBS.

The final level certificate shall allow students to automatically enter most British universities, both on-campus and online programs. In addition to all programs offered by OBS.

Course fees

Enrolment fees for the English language placement test

  • Students inside Syria: 1500 Syrian pounds.
  • Students outside Syria: 30 dollars or 25 euros.


Enrolment fees per level

  • Students inside Syria: 450 000 Syrian pounds.
  • Students outside Syria: 600 dollars or 550 euros.