Fees Reduction for students in the military and armed forces


The Syrian Virtual University adopts a reduction of 50% of the tuition fees for military students, whether they are military personnel or those doing their compulsory military service or even those kept in reserve service in the army and the armed forces in addition to students enrolled in the Palestine Liberation Army, for the duration of their service while maintaining all decisions of the university council regarding military students, their courses and the dates of their examinations to suit their situation.

Mechanism for implementing the resolution:
  1. The student shall submit a document proving he is doing his military service in writing and quarterly to the Student Affairs Department.
  2. The discount is canceled at the end of each term.
  3. The reduction granted to the military student shall continue to be in effect in the event of his discharge from service due to his “war injury” provided that a document attesting to his dismissal due to the injury of the war is presented.
  4. The decision will be implemented starting from the spring term 2017 for old and new students.