Grants for employees


  • All permanent employees of the university are allowed to pursue their studies in one of its programs.
  • The distinguished worker (permanent or temporary) shall be nominated to continue their studies by their immediate manager according to the quarterly assessments.
  • The University Council shall decide, on a quarterly basis and on the basis of Board of Trustees Decision No. 32 issued on 02/03/2017, the allocation of partial scholarships for only distinguished permanent employees at the University as a reduction of 70% of the tuition fees Category I and II).
  • The number of years of benefiting from the grant shall be increased by half the period specified by the minimum number of years of study in the program. It shall start from the term for which registration was accepted. Periods of suspension or suspending classes are included in the grant period.
  • The University Council shall issue at the beginning of each term the decision to grant partial grants to the permanent employees as it deems fit, placing those workers in appropriate places of work within the directorates and with powers not inconsistent with their status as students at the university.
  • The University Council shall, at the beginning of each term issue a decision of the candidates of the temporary employees to complete their studies according to what the council deems fit, placing them in appropriate workplaces within the directorates and with powers not inconsistent with their status as students at the university.
  • The candidate nominated for study (permanent or temporary) who is responsible for teaching in the university programs shall not be allowed to continue the teaching process until after the completion of their studies and obtaining the degree they have registered for.
  • The employee who has obtained the grant must be in their job during the period of the grant and cannot get unpaid leave of absence exceeding a month during the academic year.
  • The student shall have no commitment (cash or years of work) after the end of the grant if they wish to resign from work.
  • In the event of the expiry of the period allowed for the grant, the student may continue their studies in the program as a regular student and will pay the full tuition fees according to the term of acceptance in the grant.
  • The grant shall only cover the installments of the courses.
  • Directors of the examination centres are excluded from this decision.
  • The University Council may terminate the grant for reasons it deems appropriate.