Arab Digital Content Competition for the Syrian Virtual University

Arab Digital Content Competition for the Syrian Virtual University

Following the recommendations of the Second Arab Digital Content Conference organized by the Syrian Virtual University in Damascus from August, 31st to September 2nd 2018, the Syrian Virtual University will launch the Digital Arabic Content Competition, in which entrepreneurs and young people interested in developing Arabic digital content applications will participate in innovative ways. Participation is open to individuals or groups (2-5 individuals) aged (18-35) for each Syrian individual or their like.

The competition includes four topics: education and culture, tourism and media, economy and business, and community services. The proposed projects for the competition should be innovative digital content projects that have an impact on the Syrian society and its institutions.

Projects inspection and evaluation are carried out by specialized committees according to a set of criteria consistent with the objectives of the competition. The projects are selected in this competition in three phases. In the first and second phase, the selected projects will receive qualitative training in the field of entrepreneurship; and then move to the third and final phase where these projects will be developed under the supervision of guides from the academic and business sectors. The awards will be distributed in a special ceremony parallel with the celebration on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language on 18 December 2019.


Types of Participation:

Software or computer tools (software, smart phone applications, e-services, electronic commercial or service websites, platforms and portals) that contribute to the enrichment and activation of Arabic digital content.




  • Individuals or groups (2-5 individuals) aged 18-35 years for each Syrian or similar person
  •  In academic projects, the supervisor is not considered part of the team (the supervisor is honored when the project wins the final evaluation)
  • There is nothing to prevent the team from establishing their own start-up or small business.





Financial prizes of one and a half million Syrian pounds and higher, given to the first project winner in each of the four axes of the competition, and second and third place can be awarded financial prizes in the case of additional sponsors.

Additional awards

  • Projects that reached the third phase are shown in a special exhibition.
  • Virtual University adopts some of the outstanding projects.
  • There are opportunities to adopt some projects from other parties.