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المؤهلات العلمية: 

المؤهلات العلمية

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المقررات العلمية: 

ITE.BPG402 - برمجة (2)
TIC.IPG202 - البرمجة الإجرائية
ITE.BPG401 - برمجة (1)
ITE.BPG402 - برمجة (2)

الخبرات الأكاديمية: 

TEACHER / HIAST, Damascus Syria. Robotic 1, Robotic 2, Mechanical Vibration, Ansys (FMS), Designing machine elements, computer aided design (CAD) by Inventor Software, Engineering drawing, for HIAST students 2016 - Present
Member of HAIST review panel for the Mechatronics engineering graduates Own Business in 3D printing
Head of Robotic Lab at HIAST

المنشورات العلمية: 

Project supervisor / HIAST, Damascus Syria 2017 - Present